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About Wallace

IN BRIEF/WHO I AM: Shaun Wallace, male, New Zealand national. Lived and worked in Shanghai for 10 years+ in IT/Cyber/Web.

I specialize in WEBsites; website design+development & optimization; hence the WEBMASTER title. I don't just maintain or update websites which is usually associated with being a webmaster, I do a lot more than just that.. I've been (and still am ofcourse) passionate about technolgy and computers for 20 years now, so I know my stuff well, and I take this passion and profession of mine seriously.

Why hire or contract a freelancer instead of an agency or creative firm? 2 main reasons: To cut alot of costs AND to have a more personalized SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT. But don't get it wrong, you value results and speed, that's why you pay me a generous fee to get things done properly the first time around. Quality over quantity right, as you do realy get what you give (or pay in this case).

Hire me for your website project, I'll be your single point of contact in Shanghai and I'll take care of everything; creative sessions involving ideas, brainstorming, etc., wireframes, schmatics, mockups, designs, development, optimization, account management, online marketing, security hardning,; It's what I do, and its what you pay me for so that you can focus on the business side of.. your business :)

I am available to work onsite/inhouse from time to time, so if thats what you need, let me know!

Wallace Freelance Web Services (Shanghai)

Website Design & Launch

From wireframe and design mocks to a fully functional website, I deliver a site you will be proud of. I can also optimize existing sites for useability and search enhancements.

Analysis & Optimization (SEO)

Site, keyword, and traffic analysis, data, data, and more data; there's a lot to it! Let me handle this SEO stuff while you focus on your business.


"Prevention is the best cure."" Is your website, email, and company data secured and hardened against automated and targeted attacks? Do you have backup strategies in place? If not, I can help.

Website/Account/Project Mgmt.

Need someone to manage all your accoutns and web projects? I'm here to manage them all.


Unsure of email or website hosting to use in China or else where? Let me help you decide on feature rich affordable hosting


After years of experience with computing, I know which software can help save you time, money, sanity and increase your productivity ten-fold.


A small glimpse of the websites / businesses I have worked for, from concept / web design, to online marketng / search optimization:


Talk is talk, how about my walk? See what some of my clients have to say:

Michael Ferchak

COO, Morgans
Shaun built several websites for me over the years. He's always been a very quick coder, with a keen eye for details, while still charging very reasonable rates. He's definitely top on my list the next time I have need of some web dev work.
Shaun is Honest and Efficient in his work. He lays out the terms clearly and provides quick results. When he commits his time, he has always provided prompt response. Excellent work at a reasonable cost.

Ronald Lee


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